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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

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For all of those that want to know a bit more about the Bundy Ranch Standoff and what all has been happening out west, I encourage you to read this summary.


This story got our attention when we received the following email from a loyal reader of this site:

I am on a social media “cleanse” for Lent, so apologize if you’ve already covered this. But it is OUTRAGEOUS!!

In short: Latino, poor, at a Catholic Church? Sheriffs in AZ consider that cause to question. I’m going to have to break my cleanse for this…

The reason why our fan is breaking the…

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for those that don’t understand why that would be (other than blatant racism):

Federal courts have jurisdiction on Indian reservations under the Major Crimes Act passed in 1885. Ordinarily, states prosecute “street crimes,” including assault, burglary, sexual assault, murder and vehicular manslaughter.

Because of strict sentencing guidelines, with mandatory minimums and no probation or time off for good behavior, sentences in federal court generally are higher than those in state courts, at least in states including North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana [which have large American Indian populations].

so that’s why you see, as the article points out, an American Indian woman victim of abuse who struggled with documented depression & substance abuse, was convicted with a 10-year sentence for what two white women (who btw did not have documented mental health issues or experiences of abuse) did under 5 years for.

also please note which kinds of cases US attorneys are taking on; while there is substantive evidence that they are active in disproportionate incarceration of American Indian “perpetrators” (see Montana’s school-to-prison pipeline for another example of this), they are declining an alarmingly high number of cases with American Indian victims (particularly cases of sexual violence, which are overwhelmingly perpetrated by non-Indians, and in most cases, white men). 

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Sunday’s cactus flower #nofilter